Eduardo Davalos

From Monterrey Nuevo Leon, MEXICO

Commutes 12 Kilometers RoundTrip for years and 0 months
Once and a while, I am a parttime bike commuter Year Round

oh! my god this isnt as fun as i tought it would be... there is so much traffic that its getting scary, but I dont care.. i love to ride... there are no bike paths here in Monterrey MX, there are almost no sidewalks for pedestrians! i have to ride in the slow speed car line... pretty scary... today 5 huge buses pased me so close that i was like "Oh my GOD...! will do it as often as i can, the only factor that is going to stop me from commuting will be high temperatures.... here temp can go as high as 40? celsius, and i have to wear "business casual" to work so its really hard to commute here....

so many in just one commute..

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