Bill Smith

From Ennis Tx

Commutes 2 Miles Oneway for years and months
Once and a while, I am a parttime bike commuter Year Round

It is a very short commute to my office. I am really just getting started at this, but I plan on eventually commuting more. When I ride in, I usually leave early enough to make it about a five mile ride.

I took up cycling just last year...mostly because I have had some heart problems and cycling really seems to help. I enjoy it immensely, so commuting is just a natural extension...plus it save a lot of gasoline!

I would like for this form to include a place for those that wish to to insert what kind of bicycle they ride. I currently have a Trek 510 that I ride most of the time, but I also have an old Schwinn 3 speed comfort bike that is pretty good for my short

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