Todd Plesko

From Troy Illinois

Commutes 4 Miles RoundTrip for 2 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

I commute every day to my express bus stop. My route uses primarily local streets, an alley, and occasionally a sidewalk or two. I put my bike on the local express bus (sportworks bike rack) for the 20 mile ride to downtown St. Louis. After getting off downtown, I take various downtown streets to my office by the Mississippi River. This ride is only about a mile from the bus stop.

Professionally, I am the planning and scheduling chief for the regional transit system. I've been in this profession for 34 years. However, I am a pretty fanatical cyclist. I ride a single speed bike for commuting and weekend mountain biking. I also have a road bike for longer distance riding. I am beginning to see that if the community integrates bike pedestrian friendly roads, paths and office environments, we can substantially change the nature of our communities and lives. I'm pretty much a rarity in my town, but I am seeing a change elsewhere in the region.

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