Steve Neuhauser

From Kettering Ohio

Commutes 26 Miles RoundTrip for 39 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

Ohio does make the everyday commute very challenging to say the least. You have to be an all weather cyclist if you wish to ride year round. Being a native of Los Angeles California where enjoyed commuting everyday with very little special gear to tackle all year riding. Now that I moved to Ohio 15-years ago and here the weather can change 20 degrees in 8 hours makes for interesting preparation. As far as my commute I only live about 7-miles away from work one way if you take the main streets but, I opt to take the bike paths (Trails to Rails program) that take me 6-more miles out of my way. I only have 2-miles of streets to contend with and the rest is all bikeways. I had to make my own lighting system because there are no lights on the paths. Sometimes the tree canap? makes for a really dark ride. Branches and glass is the only real debris that I have to contend with. The extremes: A foot of snow, Flooding, black ice, 50 mph wind, 100 degrees with 90% humidity. Then there are those days that it is just right.

I have been cycling all my adult life and got my with to ride along with me on our tandem, Cannondale upright and recumbent Sun tandem.

to many for this space.

I would like to see more programs that help other commuters get to work safe.

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