Stephen Neuhauser

From Kettering Ohio

Commutes 26 Miles RoundTrip for 39 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

The routes vary, Kettering to downtown Dayton, Ohio. I enjoy to commute via bike paths thus I go 6-more miles out of the way. I have 3-miles of street and 10-miles of nice bike paths (rails/trails. On really snowy days I take to the streets and that make

The job I have is very stressful and commuting makes me feel a lot better. I commuted to every job I had even when I was a truck driver. I ride a recumbent now even in the snow and ice.

I found all kinds of things along the bike path from a $20.00 bill to a dead body. At my work there are over 400 enployees and I am the only one that commutes by bike. It is funny that co workers said that I saw the high price of gas comming and wished t

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