Edward Hetzel

From Tunkhannock PA

Commutes 18 Miles RoundTrip for years and 5 months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

My route is very hilly, I'm either going up or down, rarely flat. I leave at 4:30 am so it's dark. Getting a good headlight was key. I live in the country and have almost hit 4 deer so far but with the new light I see them on the sides of the road much

I'm an environmental engineer working in a large consumer products factory. I've been there almost 27 years. I have a wife and three girls, the youngest is still in college. I like running, esp. marathons, fishing, gardening, camping and computers.

So far I've only fallen once. I was peddling up a steep hill and got caught on the wrong side of the asphalt lip. When I tried to cross back over my bike went sideways to the ground with me still attached. I'm using toe cages and didn't get my foot out

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