Andrew Lagomarsino

From Sacramento CA

Commutes 12 Miles Oneway for 7 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

I live in Carmichael and work downtown. I have simple to reach access to the American River Parkway, (I can cover the 4 miles from my home without using busy streets.) I ride the bike trail six miles to CSUS. I started out riding to school here because the ride was faster than driving and looking for parking. CSUS is an easy gateway to downtown Sacramento. M st. is a wonderful dedicated bike route between East Sacramento and Downtown. I never ride on busy streets crowded with cars. You can and should find alternate routes. I have worked various places over seven years and have had limited resistance from my employers to me riding to work and stashing shoes and some clothes at the office. Sacramento is relatively flat and that makes the 24 mile round trip less daunting.

Part of the reason I started commuting on the bike was a conviction for DUI. I am not proud of that, but because I was forced, I figured out how to solve the problems that hindered me. It seems like a hassle when you start commuting. It isn't. I feel h

Get a bike locker! They are out there, look for one. I had a very nice Le Mond that disappeared on me early in my career as a cycle commuter. That was not fun. I even had one employer who installed four lockers because I convinced co-workers that riding was fun. It never hurts to ask. Look for lockers installed near public buildings. City and state agencies are usually more forward thinking about lockers than private firms. They are usually about half the price of a monthly parking pass. Try and make part of your commute wind through a park or quiet neighborhood. This is relaxation that You can't find in a car. I like to mix up my route over the grid of streets in downtown. I see new things and people all the time. I like to call it slowing down to smell the roses.

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