From Beaufort SC

Commutes Miles RoundTrip for years and 5 months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

Beaufort is an island in the lowcountry, which means your routes from one island to another involve bridges (and therefore a major route). Leading up to a bridge is usually more traffic congested, but the beauty of the water and marshes is breathtaking. Drivers are generally supportive; however, there is only one major road which features bike lanes at this time. Development plans do include discussion and planning of adding new bicycle routes...but this remains to be seen (and the existing bike lane is poorly maintained). My route to work is very beautiful, passing historical southern homes, a marina, waterfront park and a small "downtown".

People at work (and home!) are still a little shocked that this grandma is still riding to work every day that she can.

In the five months since I began riding, I have experienced gorgeous sunsets, sunrises, humidity, heat, wind, below freezing weather, fog, and rain....I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am lucky enough to have lockers at work and a place to freshen up a little, as well as employer support for parking my bike inside the building.

I started this on a whim, and now I am absolutely hooked. I don't ever plan to stop, and on days when I can't ride, I truly miss it. I usually only experience up to a 10 minute difference in the time it takes to get to work by a bike vs. car. I am happ

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