From Pasadena CA

Commutes -3 Miles RoundTrip for 2 years and months
Two or less days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

From Pasadena to Culver City, via Griffin and Main to downtown; through downtown on Spring to Flower; Flower to Venice to Hoover to USC; residential streets to MLK, then through Leimert Park, over Angeles Vista to Slauson. Slauson to La Cienega. At night I ride to Union Station and take the train home. Some bike lane on Hoover, but the rest is in heavy auto traffic.

Traveling executive with few available days to ride the bike. Using the commute to get in an extra workout here and there.

Nothing personal, but one of my best friends was run over by a 4x4 while cycle commuting in November in San Diego. His was a very serious accident which, for the first time, has me questioning the wisdom of continuing to commute by bicycle in LA traffic. Moreover, the driver was clearly in the wrong and got off without so much as a traffic citation.

I am interested to hear others' views on whether it is getting safer or more dangerous to cycle on city streets.

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