randy rice

From west barnstable ma

Commutes 22 Miles RoundTrip for 19 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

I leave at 0555 in the morning and travel a service road. Then turn onto a major road for 1/2 mile and then onto another service road. with the exception of the major road I have on average 5 cars pass me in the morning. I leave work at 1600 on the same route. Small hills throughout the ride. I ride in any weather. My record temp for a commute is 2 degrees and a high of 112 degrees. I have been riding the same bike I bought out of a pawn shop for $175 since 1995. (original carbon trek)

I have cycled across the United States with PAC tours in 26 days and rode my mountain bike across Costa Rica. Have never had a bike shop work on my bike. I tune up bikes at work for free. I am currently a Rescue Swimmer in the Coast Guard in Cape Cod MA.

Spent 6 yrs in Miami. Use to ride 44 miles a day for 5 days a week. My route was drug infested neighborhoods and packs of wild dogs. Was a witness to over 15 major accidents at intersections. Looking back at the distance I use to ride and the amount of cars that were on the road, I was truly blessed. Hit a car once and my impact collapsed a car door. I went through the drivers open window and was fully in the car. I was shocked when he said he did not see me. I was fine and so was the bike. Wife thinks I am crazy when I told her the story.

I really love to cycle in really bad weather. My saying is "it makes things really interesting."

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