Tim S.

From Federal Way WA

Commutes Miles RoundTrip for 6 years and months
Seven days a week, my bike is my primary transportation Year Round

Some wide shoulders, some bike lane, some empty sidewalk on a really busy uphill stretch with no bike lane or shoulder,some neighborhood roads

I never see other bike commuters in this suburb south of Seattle. My year-round ride is a Redline cyclocross bike with fenders and a triple drive train for all the hills;I ride cyclocross tires in winter to ward off flats from glass and junk on the roads.

Judging by all the empty beer cans and bottles along my route, too many people are drinking in their cars!

Bought an Xtracycle kit and built up a Specialized MTB frame for grocery shopping and errands. My sixth grade son now rides his Redline 24" to school every day too. We owe it all to my friend Nick in Port Angeles who commutes 30 miles a day.

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